Introducing: The cat lady & his Fairy wife 



Hello dreamers,

What's up! I'm Cody, but my friends call me Coco. I'm a traveling midwestern boy married to a fairy. At the time you are reading this, it is safe to assume I am petting both of my cats, making Spotify playlists, and binging a Netflix Original series, all simultaneously.

Ursa Major Studios is my cinematic endeavor to forge what my wife, Tana Helene, has been doing for many years - creating raw, dreamy magic within the world around her by means of a lens. Words do not do her work justice, so please click on this selfless promotional link, to gaze upon her photography.

My dream is to capture that imaginary line that connects you to the things you love in your life. Though this line is invisible, I believe it exists in the smile, the kiss, the laugh, the tear, and the dance where you are shining the most. Like that of a night sky constellation, it is an imaginary line that links the many stars together, to form a breathtaking story. My wish is to recreate, through film, your own personal constellation.

Let's stargaze.