That title though! Come on, Jan’s a native of the Czech Republic and is devoting his love to his soul MATE, Kayla!? And in Chess the winning move is….okay, I’m done basking in my own genius! Take a good look at these two beauties, Kayla and Jan, surrounded by the tall vividness of DEEE-TROIT!

Kayla and Jan’s love ineeds no translation. They’re respect and love for one another’s cultures is astounding, and to see both families seperated by langauge, come together in food, dance and cheer was a melting pot moment I never knew I would be able to capture. Thank you both so much and… Na zdraví!

Finally, a huge a shoutout to the Elissa Dream Team of E.Ribrant Photography and E.C. Campbell Photography. These two babes are incredible artists who are really at the top of their game and capture love like I have never seen. Thank you so much to both of you and I cannot wait to work with you both again!