St. Lewis

After learning of our pregnancy three months ago, my wife and I began to realize we were lacking experience in the baby department. Can we remain the same and still have a happy baby? Lil’ Lewis has helped answer so many of our questions.

Rob is a dedicated father, but he has one major flaw - negotiation. After a long happy hour of golfing, he called Tana and I and offered us unprecedented amounts of money to photograph his son’s baptism as a surprise present to his wife, Brielle. Little did we know, Rob’s poor contracting would mean so much to Tana and I. Lewis’s baptism was at their family’s cabin, in the middle of nowhere Northern Michigan and held in the calm fresh water of the river, just 10 minutes away from our nowhere cabin. Their cabin is like their family - natural, peaceful, and loving.

We can only hope to aspire to what Rob and Brielle and their family have created, but it is Lewis that taught us the most. Through his happy squeaks and big smiles, he told Tana and I that we can still have late night campfires, drink beer, and travel the world, as long as we remain holistically us and love our future babe. You both have become really incredible friends and we can’t thank you enough for that dope mac n’ cheese.