Priscilla's Triumph

A happy one year anniversary to the cutest couple I know, Lucas and Priscilla! Lucas has the sickest Triumph ever so, why not let his cute little redhead take it for a spin?!

It seems like just yesterday Lucas brought her to a Louis C.K. show with the family and he proceeds to say immediately upon questioning his feelings, "No seriously guys, she's just a friend." One year and 66 episodes of "Hunter x Hunter" later, they are still the most weird anime piglets hailing from Blast City a father could ask for and I only wish Lucas would give me his Snapcaster Mage. Love my little pigs and happy anniversary!


Melissa at Sunset

Le Chat Noir herself, Melissa is a native spirit who makes every situation her own. She doesn't need any direction on or off camera as she is always comfortably killing it, whether it be clothed, painted, or all-natural. Tana and I are very fortunate to have one of our best friends be also one the most talented models we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. We wish her the best in her new home of Grand Rapids and more so, I am hoping everyone there can keep up with her.

And to all you men out there, this kitten has claws.