Badass Stencils + WBF 2017

So writing about Andrea, Tana, and the Badass crew is a little bias because I may or may not know them fairly well but(t)... that doesn't make Andrea's art any less beautiful. Also the model Andrea paints is unbelievably hot and if anybody has her phone number, let me know as I would love to make her my wife. 

Also a huge thanks to The Midnight for the awesome tunes! I've been blasting them everyday and they add such a cool flavor to my videos! Cheers mate!

Superstar + The World Bodypainting Festival

Superstar's superior paints and high-quality products are only matched by the team's superstar personalities. Marco, Maayke, Nico and the entire Superstar family are some of the tallest, funniest, and most passionate people to work with and party with! I always look forward to seeing these friends every year in Austria at the World Bodypainting Festival and I write this in anticipation of the next crazy paint party!