The Date Nights

Two Apples in an Orchard

What does 12 Cinnamon sugar donuts (not "doughnuts") + 2 heavy, mismatched pumpkins + 1 gallon of apple cider + 1 perfect fall day at an apple orchard equate to? The perfect autumn love that Taylor and Spencer have. 

"We totally freeze up on camera" they said. "We don't really have that many pictures of us" they added. Well, I speak for both Tana and I when I say, prepare to have our cameras in your lives. These two absolutely killed it.

Side note: Taylor and Spencer have excellent taste in beer.

Dave's Proposal to Gabby

After 1000 white rose petals, 300 feet of extension cords, 1 Ben Folds song and 5 years of love - Gabby and Dave are engaged!

Dave (with a little help) definitely set the bar for the most romantic proposal to his beautiful dreamer of a bride-to-be. Gabby and Dave are among the most loved and kind people I have ever had the pleasure of filming, let alone calling amazing friends. I cannot begin to tell you how honored I am and thankful for letting me be a part of your special day. 

The only thing that could make this moment any better is if Tom DeLonge came back to Blink-182! Cheers to you both and as always...Angels and Airwaves dudes!

Priscilla's Triumph

A happy one year anniversary to the cutest couple I know, Lucas and Priscilla! Lucas has the sickest Triumph ever so, why not let his cute little redhead take it for a spin?!

It seems like just yesterday Lucas brought her to a Louis C.K. show with the family and he proceeds to say immediately upon questioning his feelings, "No seriously guys, she's just a friend." One year and 66 episodes of "Hunter x Hunter" later, they are still the most weird anime piglets hailing from Blast City a father could ask for and I only wish Lucas would give me his Snapcaster Mage. Love my little pigs and happy anniversary!


Melissa at Sunset

Le Chat Noir herself, Melissa is a native spirit who makes every situation her own. She doesn't need any direction on or off camera as she is always comfortably killing it, whether it be clothed, painted, or all-natural. Tana and I are very fortunate to have one of our best friends be also one the most talented models we have ever had the pleasure of shooting. We wish her the best in her new home of Grand Rapids and more so, I am hoping everyone there can keep up with her.

And to all you men out there, this kitten has claws.

Nikki + DJ

When Tana and I show up to shoot a couple without ever meeting them in-person beforehand, there is always a little bit of nerves. Will they be chill? Is the guy going to be camera shy? Are they going to get annoyed of kissing for a few hours? These are always questions that go through our heads. You can imagine Tana and I's relief when we pulled up to Nikki + DJ's pad and we see them in a golf cart jamming some swanky ass tunes with drinks in their hands.

Nikki and DJ were unbelievably chill and down for anything we threw at them, including a decent rain, dollar store sparklers, and giant slugs. On a side note, if anybody needs some awesome music recommendations, absolutely hit these two up.

The Discher Sisters

Sometimes the dates nights are best spent running around in a random field on the side of the road with sparklers in-hand with the person that knows you the best, your family.

Maddie and Cailey are beautiful, inseparable sisters whose love for one another is only matched by their adventurous, always dancing spirits. It was wonderful to catch up with these two and I look forward to watching their next amazing dance together in life.