Amour Damour

My sassy lil’ Z is getting hitched and becoming Mrs. Damour! Her boo, Brandon (aka Justin Case) asked Tana and I to be there for his big question. Although Jordyn did not verbally reply “Yes”, mainly because she lost the ability to speak, we can infer through video evidence what her answer was.

The number one quality of these two is that they never take themselves too seriously. They can roast each other, laugh harder, and out party any other relationship. More importantly however is their/our shared love for menuless El Patron and weird coconut people. I have so many things to say about them, but that speech is coming up in 2021/2022 when I have the honor of marrying these two together and I assume my final form as (Prime) Minister Coco 😭

I love you both so much and I can’t wait to celebrate again with mo’ chips, mo’ salsa 🌮🌯🍺🍹

A Prague Proposal

I have attempted to write something in summary of this moment, but I cannot. My brother found a big, beautiful love with a girl who is one million times his better. To my best friends who have become family, you two are amongst the most challenging, stubborn, and stinkiest pigs to ever be and I love you both so much. I am so lucky to be a part of your lives forever. Love, Papa Pig.