wedding film

Forever DeYoung

This wedding defined “togetherness”. An intense storm may have changed their home’s landscape significantly, but through all the broken trees and bee stings, Kelsea and Brian dawned invisible crowns and championed their day alongside an equally powerful family. No camera or pen could capture this moment, as it is bigger than just a wedding day, it is challenge and victory, and love all in one and I am forever grateful to these two for allowing me to be a part of it.

Also huge shout-out to Katy O’Dell Photography for being the best photographer and letting me hover over her shoulder all day. For more her amazing wedding coverage, go stalk her !


When you get to capture moments of some of your closest friends partying and laughing, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. Linda and AJ’s wedding was colorful, breezy, and surrounded with a beautiful family. It’s such an honor to feel like a guest at a wedding and I cannot wait to see how these two grow. See you guys soon with some Claws in hand!

My Lulu

Public Service Announcement: Before watching this video, go to your nearest Costco, grab about 50 Gatorades (Glacier Freeze obliviously) to keep hydrated from all the tears your about to shed...

Lauren and Jamie’s wedding had a timeless magic. Their day was surrounded by candlelight, history, bubbles, and a warm love exuded from everyone. Their first look is enough to tell you that they will last forever.

Every couple is always on the fence on whether or not they want to do a first look before the ceremony, and the video above is why you should. After all the years of dating, the life changes, the big expensive cake and flowers, finding the perfect rings, it all comes down to a single intimate moment when you both realize what this is all for and about - the two of you.

Jamie and Lauren are timeless and I really can’t thank them enough for allowing me to capture their happiness and letting me eat a donut before anybody else did! Enjoy that wine and that big comfy couch you two!


That title though! Come on, Jan’s a native of the Czech Republic and is devoting his love to his soul MATE, Kayla!? And in Chess the winning move is….okay, I’m done basking in my own genius! Take a good look at these two beauties, Kayla and Jan, surrounded by the tall vividness of DEEE-TROIT!

Kayla and Jan’s love ineeds no translation. They’re respect and love for one another’s cultures is astounding, and to see both families seperated by langauge, come together in food, dance and cheer was a melting pot moment I never knew I would be able to capture. Thank you both so much and… Na zdraví!

Finally, a huge a shoutout to the Elissa Dream Team of E.Ribrant Photography and E.C. Campbell Photography. These two babes are incredible artists who are really at the top of their game and capture love like I have never seen. Thank you so much to both of you and I cannot wait to work with you both again!

Hearts on Fire

Everything about Jess and Donny’s wedding was natural and radiant. Their food was among the best food Tana and I have ever eaten. The blending of their families and cultures was colorful and seamless. The dancing was loud and the music was real. The Hart’s are some of the most chill and loving people and we can’t thank them enough for letting us be apart and capturing Hearts on Fire.