Capturing your Constellation

If you love going to concerts, let me know when the next show is. If you love playing video games, I'll bring over my Nintendo 64. If your ideal date is a picnic in the forest, how much beer should I bring? 

I am not a serious director, I am just a guy with a camera who wants to experience life with the cool people living it. The type of cool people who aren't afraid to get in some trouble, make out in a parking garage, or get wildly pushed around in a shopping cart at Target. 

 I want to see the life in the weird, funny, adventurous people. 

Jessica + Joe-450.JPG


A time capsule of the day where the Sun and all the stars are shining on both of you. 


The Date Nights

Captured moments of when he proposed, the dreamy morning at the apple orchard, or the mess you both made eating Taco Bell.